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Two Simple and Fabulous Bean Salads

heirlooms on counterYou won’t find me noshing contentedly on cashew cheese in this lifetime, and I’ve got nothing left to say about zucchini spaghetti. But a girl can come to appreciate the beauty of raw and simply prepared foods faster than you’d think when one of these arrives:


Happily, many mid-summer veggies need no more than a splash of unfiltered olive oil and a sprinkling of sea salt (or not, if you’re feeling especially nudist) – or, if your ambition is running wild, maybe some toasted sesame oil and rice vinegar, finished with a few drops of soy sauce and fish sauce – to make perfect, two minute side dishes.

The question of protein need not be any more complicated. Here are two excellent, hearty bean salads that can be made with canned beans (use Goya if you’re supermarket shopping – they’re so much better than the alternatives). The first is an old favorite, the second a recent find. In either case, consider adding a few corn chips or some brown rice to the meal to complete the protein from the beans.






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