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Hey, 2012! Hit us with your best shot.

Okay, fair warning. I think I’m about to sound like a late-night infomercial. I don’t know for sure, because I don’t own a TV anymore — so when I can’t sleep, I do productive things like play Words with Friends, order shoes online, or obsess over whether that face that that lady at Whole Foods made at me was totally freakin’ bitchy or just super-bitchy. Anyway, I’m pretty sure I’m about to sound like an infomercial. But here goes.

How would you like to:

  • Lose weight without really trying
  • Never be confused or misled by dumb-ass fad diets again
  • Be fitter than you’ve ever been, regardless of your age
  • Wake up feeling awesome
  • Rarely get sick
  • Really, truly prevent — or even reverse — heart disease, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, and a wide variety of other diseases
  • Look all gorgeous and glowy and practically famous
  • Feel slightly superior to others (no, just kidding…not kidding…kidding…not kidding)
  • Be in control of your life again

I know, right?

And what if I told you that pretty much all you need to reap those amazing benefits is a shopping cart and a pair of legs? And that a smallish handful of smart, free-thinking people (probably the ones you already know you half-hate and half want to be) have been living this way, with extreme success, for decades? And that I’m totally not just talking to those other schmucks who eat at McDonalds every day and take 85 prescription pills every morning, but to clever, above-average, pretty darn with-it people like yourself?

Well, hey, guess what? All that and more can be yours in 2012. If you want it, I plan to help you get it. No, really. I do.

I’ll help you in lots of ways, big and small. The first one couldn’t be easier. And we can get on it right now.

Because it is such an amazing book, and because I want you know know everything you can about how to be amazing, I’ve decided to give away ten copies of The China Study, all of which I’ve bought and paid for on my own. Because I wanted my money to go as far as possible, I’ll be giving away Kindle editions, which you can read on any Kindle device, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Mac or Windows computer, Android…you name it. Amazon lets each person share a book with up to five additional people, so if you win a copy and love it, I’d be psyched if you’d consider passing it on to a few friends or family members.

You may already be familiar with The China Study, written by Cornell University professor emeritus (and all-around rockstar) T. Colin Campbell. The book translates into plain English many important findings from the seminal China study itself as well as Campbell’s decades of nutrition, health, and disease research and policy advisory. It’s part How-to-Save-a-Life manual, part riveting conspiracy exposé, and part fascinating facts that you’ll want to shout out to your closest housemates or neighbors on the subway while you’re reading. If you care about your health and you love food, you really owe it to yourself to read this book. It just might make 2012 the most important year of your life.

See? I told you this would be an infomercial.

But I’m serious. This shiz is fo’ reals.

To enter to win a copy of The China Study, leave a comment on this post that answers the question: If you could choose just one realistic goal to accomplish in 2012 to make the world a better place, what would it be? (It would be great if you’d go out and do it, too — but you can win the book for just raising the idea, because I’m classy like that.) For up to two additional chances to win, you can blog, tweet, or facebook about this contest and leave a link to your post in a separate comment. I’ll accept entries until noon Eastern time on Friday, January 13 (ooh, Friday the 13th!) and then choose winners at random and notify them directly.

Good luck, and Happy New Year! If you couldn’t tell, I plan to take 2012 by storm. See you there.

P.S. Here are the recipes and stories pictured above, starting from the top left corner:


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