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Pumpkin Spice Smoothie on Serious Eats

Ho ho holy crap has December gotten away from me. We are back in the States for a few weeks, and it’s been one of those times when real life has outpaced and outclassed blogging life. I guess that’s probably “healthy” and “normal” and “anti-psychotic.” Which is all well and good. But it is not conducive to writing gift guides and cookie recipes and vegetarian options for holiday dinner parties. More ideas than time, as all the ladies are constantly repinning on Pinterest. So be it.

Still, I never even finished sharing those healthy smoothie recipes that ran on Serious Eats a few weeks ago. I’ll post the rest of them in the next little while. Instead of post-Thanksgiving recovery food, then can now be your post-December-holidays recovery food or your superhuman power source for last-minute holiday shopping. Don’t miss this berserk-delicious pumpkin spice smoothie, which you can find here on Serious Eats. It’s just the thing to ensure you’ll be the only smiling, glowing face in the throng at the Macy’s counter when every single item in every single person’s basket is ringing up at the wrong price. Ho ho holy crap indeed.

Carolyn xx


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