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Lollipop Birthday Cake

The Silver Palate’s Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting

Recently this blog has been All About That Cake (No Vegetables). I couldn’t really say why — or why IView full post »

Frittata with Corn, Cheddar and Spinach

Frittata with Corn, Cheddar and Spinach

A little while ago I promised to keep it real by posting more easy weeknight dinners. Nothing fits that bill moreView full post »

Vegetarian Minestrone

Vegetarian Minestrone for a Crowd

This morning on the way into the house after yoga, my water bottle ricocheted out of my too-full hand and plummetedView full post »

Soft Shell Crabs

Simple Soft Shell Crabs

Soft shell crab season will be over in a flash, and although I’m all about transitioning into fall withView full post »

Kale Smoothie Recipe

Golden Green Smoothie

Happy June! We spent Saturday afternoon at our college reunion. We did it family style this year — low-key,View full post »

The Best Cold Brewed Iced Coffee Recipe

Perfect Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee

Eight years old, nine, ten. Sunday morning eggs and bacon. The bewitching sputter-gurgle-pop of Mom and Dad’sView full post »

5 Ways to Use Cashews Instead of Cream (and Not Want to Cry One Bit)

Years ago on this site I let you know that “you won’t find me noshing contentedly cashew cheese in thisView full post »


This is the cilantro sauce you’ve been waiting for. Even if you didn’t know it.View full post »

When it’s right, you just know.

Remember at the beginning of World Vegan Month when I said I’m a ninety percenter? Well, here’s somethingView full post »

Nuts for Homemade Crazy Milk

Hold up, now. I have a sneaking feeling that something’s not quite right about the title of this post, but IView full post »

Lobster: A Love Story

All the dirty details on how to select, cook, and eat every last bit of a whole lobster.View full post »

My Perfect Pesto

A simple basil pesto recipe that I’ve tweaked over the years to suit my taste (and, I hope, yours) justView full post »

The Easiest Way to Make Homemade Mayonnaise

A recipe for homemade mayonnaise using Mark Bittman’s ridiculously easy food processor method. You’ll neverView full post »

How to Make Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs

Making perfect hard-boiled eggs with bright yellow yolks and no hint of chalkiness is easier than you may think. FollowView full post »

Demystifying the Magical Fruit

How to cook dried beans, a recipe for refried beans to please a crowd, and another dose of the two-bit psychoanalysisView full post »

The Ganache Factor

When the ick factor of a given week rises to critical levels, your weapon of choice should be the ganache factor.View full post »

How to Get Invited Back

The best hostess gift ever, and a tale of fame, fortune, and deception. Also, a recipe for really good chocolate chipView full post »

Canned Tomatoes on NPR

Curious about the potential threats of BPA in tomato can liners? Want to know which kinds of tomatoes make the bestView full post »

Reclaiming Cinnamon Buns

To tell the truth, I’d given up on cinnamon buns. Even as overdrawn emblems of American culture go, cinnamon bunsView full post »

Layla’s Lentil Soup

How do I say this? You are *going* to try Layla’s lentil soup, a humble, simple comfort food that elevates aView full post »

The Crisper Whisperer on Serious Eats: Big Bag of Salad (a Seriously Easy Healthy-Eating Resolution)

Happy twenty eleven! Whatever your food-related goals are this year (even if you haven’t got any), there’sView full post »

The Crisper Whisperer on Serious Eats: Classic Pumpkin Soup

This week in the crisper, the classic pumpkin soup—without curry, without crispy pancetta, without dancingView full post »

Glamour Shots

This recipe for Ghirardelli’s classic blondies is so good it will curl your toes. It’ll curl your hair,View full post »

Discard Solids

A recipe for gift-worthy homemade chicken stock that really brings out the big guns, and a rhubarb syrup that comesView full post »

The Crisper Whisperer on Serious Eats: 10 Tips to Take to the Farmers’ Market

Simply making an appearance at your local farmers’ market is a great first step toward a healthy and rewardingView full post »

The Crisper Whisperer on Serious Eats: 10 Secrets for Making the Most of Your CSA

After several years managing and writing about CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture), my top 10 tips and tricks forView full post »

Mothers and children. Also, chocolate cake.

Recipe for my favorite chocolate cake frosted with a pink pillow of raspberry whipped cream, and a chance to helpView full post »

Roast Chickens from, and a little much-needed love for, Chez Panisse

Simple recipe for roast chicken with garlic croutons served over salad, adapted from Alice Waters’ delightfulView full post »

My Perfect Guacamole

Easy recipe for perfect homemade guacamole. Equally at home at a Super Bowl party and your summer barbecues.View full post »

Homemade Gravlax Revisited

After much ado, Umami Girl revisits house-cured salmon and finds the perfect recipe for homemade gravlax.View full post »

My perfect oatmeal

A quick, easy recipe for my perfect bowl of oatmeal.View full post »

The Crisper Whisperer on Serious Eats: Olive Oil Pumpkin Bread Recipe

The Hasbrouk-Gibson ancient family recipe for pumpkin bread made with olive oil. It’s truly exceptional.View full post »

Norwegian Gold Cake with Sour Cream Ganache

Recipe for homemade Norwegian Gold cake with sour cream ganache frosting, and a chance to win the Zuni Café cookbook.View full post »

Homemade applesauce, emphasis on the home.

Mom’s easy, wholesome recipe for homemade applesauce to celebrate a 40th wedding anniversary.View full post »

Homemade pickles are the least of it.

Fast, easy recipe for homemade pickles that can be canned for storage or simply eaten as refrigerator pickles.View full post »

Classic Daiquiri

Recipes for a classic Daiquiri and simple syrup.View full post »