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Juice Cleanse

Dispatches from a Cleanse

Despite my well documented, above-average coziness with juices, smoothies, and good, clean food, I’d never attempted aView full post »

Ira Glass on Marriage

Today I ran to last week’s Valentine’s Day episode of This American Life. As if you might need anotherView full post »

Resolved for 2013

Sometime in 2012, when I was even newer at yoga, my friend Daphne clued me in to the fact that it usually isn’tView full post »

Thanks, yo.

So there are some minor not-so-great parts of celebrating Thanksgiving in England, like, ohhh, the fact thatView full post »


Three newsworthy nibbles: The winner of our recent two-cookbook giveaway, Lobster: A Love Story syndicated onView full post »

To my fathers, from exactly where I am.

Father’s Day last year was the low point. That’s what we thought then. We visited Dad in his hospital room,View full post »


If the name of this flower sounds like a spell from Harry Potter, that’s because the ranunculus is pretty freakinView full post »

About the absence

One week ago today, in the middle of a crisp, technicolor Sunday afternoon, my dad passed away. That’s the reasonView full post »

Happy Holidays

Wishing you and yours the happiest of holidays. Click to play!View full post »