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A Visit to Florence

Our girls have grown up so much since we moved to London that when we took a recent trip to Florence, Michelangelo’View full post »

Happy Holidays from Umami Girl + Homemade Edible Gifts 2013

Happy, happy holidays to all of you, and thank you from the bottom of my pickled little heart for your continuedView full post »

A Visit to Rome

Photos and food tips from our recent visit to Rome.View full post »

Great-Uncle Oxford

Since we moved to London a year and a half ago, we’ve been pretty decent about taking the chance to explore EuropeView full post »

Having been to Paris

Real talk about our trip to Paris, and a recipe for Potage Parmentier, a rustic French vegetable soup.View full post »

Well, hello there from London.

So! Welcome to the inaugural edition of Umami Girl, London. First things first: riots and their surprising proximity toView full post »

48 Hours in Portland, Oregon (as Retold on Wordless Wednesday)

Photographs and super-secret restaurant recommendations from a weekend in Portland, Oregon.View full post »

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