1 Pot of Quinoa, 5 Dinners on Food52

One Pot of Quinoa, Five Dinners Carolyn Cope on Food52 780 | Umami Girl

Umami Girl on Food52 Halfway to Dinner

This week I'm over at Food52 with ideas about how to turn one pot of quinoa into five whole dinners. It's part of a great weekly series called Halfway to Dinner that features one ingredient or base recipe — and one writer — each week and feeds you all week long. Check it out right here on Food52.


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  1. Steven Wolf

    Hey! Umami Girl. Tried your “best gravy” last night over brown rice with grilled vegies. WOW! Poured a little in a cup to savor for desert. Thanks.

  2. ps is there a way to subscribe to instant emails when you post?

  3. I’m so chuffed that I found your blog. You have the most amazing writing style and your photos and recipes are to die for.

  4. martha poole

    pls add me to email. thanks!

  5. Love this shot!!!
    I”ll check out this fun series….

  6. Lauren @ Breathe & Nourish

    Love this! I will definitely use this next week. 🙂

  7. Lois Szydlowski

    please put me on your email list; thanks