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10 Sandwich Alternatives to Take for Lunch

I’ll be honest — I’m not ready to let go of summer for quite a while yet. We’re currently traveling through the Canadian Rockies and plan to make the most out of what’s left of our Jersey Shore summer when we return home in mid-August. But I hear some of you are planning for the back-to-school scene already, and good for you. I may not be doing anything just yet to help my own family get ready. But here’s something I can do to help the Umami Girl family,  which is kind of the same, right? Here are 10 sandwich alternatives that you or your good-eater kids, if you have that model, can take to work or school for lunch instead of a boring old sandwich. (No offense to sandwiches, though. I love them.) They’re all make-ahead friendly, either vegan or vegetarian and gluten-free, to boot. Knock yourselves out. See you soon. 

Roasted eggplant and brown rice salad. Recipe here.