The Best Recipes of 2019

Dive into our top-10 most popular recipes in 2019, as determined by YOU. Millions of home cooks browsed the pages of Umami Girl this year, and these 10 recipes rose to the top of the pack. If you missed any of them (or could just use a gentle reminder), we hope you’ll find lots of inspiration for your own cooking in the new year!

The year's most popular recipes from Umami Girl

Umami Girl’s most popular recipes of the year

The trend this year on Umami Girl is decidedly non-trendy, and that’s a wonderful thing. Simple, flavorful, best-in-class comfort foods top the list, and EVERY SINGLE ONE of the top 10 is either vegetarian or vegan.

Breakfast and brunch foods make strong appearances, too.

We’ve got three comforting soups (two vegetarian, one vegan), a make-ahead breakfast casserole to feed a happy crowd, two punchy sauces (both super-versatile), shakshuka, the best pancakes, and recipes for simply perfect lentils and rice.

The Most Popular Recipes

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