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We Tried Blue Apron. (Spoiler Alert: It’s Fabulous.)

Come on into our kitchen while we try Blue Apron, and get $30 off your first order by clicking on any of the links below.

Blue Apron Delivery and Unboxing | Umami Girl

Happy Monday, friends. Today I’m sharing our experience with Blue Apron, which I’d been getting more and more curious about for quite some time. I’ve been seeing Blue Apron boxes on an increasing number of cute porches in our area in the past few months, and, not for nothin’, have heard their ads on NPR, which is basically the number one way to get me to be like, TAKE MY MONEY. (I’m so proud.)

Blue Apron is the meal delivery service that brings gorgeous, fresh, sustainable ingredients to your doorstep in perfectly portioned packages with easy-to-follow instructions. You know that. I knew that. What I didn’t know before this week is that even though Whole Foods is basically my vacation home and recipe development is my hobby-turned-profession and those facts together might suggest that a meal delivery service is not my jam, I LOVE Blue Apron. Like, was totally enamored with the process and the product and the results of all three of our meals. Good job, you guys.

The Unboxing

Up above there is a video of us getting our delivery and unboxing it. As my brilliant, hilarious college friend Massie said when he watched the video on Facebook, “The anticipation overwhelmed you to the point that you didn’t notice someone lurking in your shrubs with a camera? That’s an amazing product.”

How’s that for a testimonial? And do you know what? When all was said and done, it was pretty accurate.

Blue Apron Seared Wild Salmon | Umami Girl

Here’s a sneak peak of one of the meals we made: gorgeous, crisp-skinned wild salmon perched atop a bed of kale- and date-studded freekeh, with a dollop of lemon labneh. My favorite part of this meal is that even though I love all the components, I hadn’t thought to put them together like this on my own. The freekeh/date/kale situation in particular was enlightening. Why didn’t I think of that? You know what? I don’t even care.

Blue Apron Delivery and Unboxing | Umami Girl

We truly got our whole family in on the Blue Apron action, from discovering to cooking to devouring. With the more cerebral parts of meal planning and the DECISIONS, DECISIONS, DECISIONS already done by the time the box arrived at our door, we had more time and energy to goof around and enjoy each other while getting dinner on the table. The tween and I filmed a time-lapse video of our entire Fontina-Stuffed Pork Chops with Potatoes & Pizzaiola Sauce cooking process to prove it, coming soon to a sparsely populated YouTube channel near you.

Blue Apron Delivery and Unboxing | Umami GirlBlue Apron Delivery and Unboxing | Umami Girl

The Ingredients

Blue Apron Ingredients | Umami Girl

Blue Apron Ingredients | Umami GirlBlue Apron Ingredients | Umami GirlHellooo, my lovelies. (Yeah, I’m talking to the food.) Check out these perfectly packaged ingredients for our salmon, pork chops and Chicken Under a Brick with Roasted Vegetables and Italian Dressing. I’m very picky about ingredient quality (Oh hi, have we met? Now I’m talking to you), and everything in our box comfortably lived up to my standards. Its elementary school report card was all 3s and EEs for Exceeds Expectations, if you know what I mean.

The Cooking

Here we are making our salmon dish. To my left is the step-by-step guide with beautiful images and easy instructions. It was fun to be able to let the kids get in on the action without having to spell everything out for them…you know, since everything was already spelled out for them. 

Blue Apron Cooking Seared Wild Salmon | Umami Girl
Blue Apron Cooking Seared Wild Salmon | Umami GirlBlue Apron Cooking Seared Wild Salmon | Umami GirlBlue Apron Cooking Seared Wild Salmon | Umami Girl
Blue Apron Cooking Seared Wild Salmon | Umami Girl

The Results

Blue Apron Chicken Under a Brick | Umami Girl

And here is the stunning result of our efforts. Across the board, these meals tasted as good as they look. We wished we hadn’t added the little bit of sugar to the peppers in the pork chop dish (which you’ll see at the end of the time lapse video), but other than that we had exactly zero complaints.

Which — coming from a bunch of food-obsessed geeks with a tween in our midst — is pretty darn good.

Don’t you think?

Blue Apron Seared Wild Salmon | Umami Girl

Blue Apron Chicken Under a Brick | Umami Girl

The Coupon

Okay! That’s all she wrote. If you’d like to receive $30 OFF your first Blue Apron order, just click on over and schedule a delivery. Hope you love it!

Talk to you soon.

Carolyn xx



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