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Books in Brief: Super Natural Every Day by Heidi Swanson

Welcome to Books in Brief. Every week for a while I'll be working through the growing stack of excellent books on my desk and sharing a few brief thoughts on why you might like them. Each little post will follow the same basic format, which I hope will help you decide quickly and comfortably whether each book is right for you or someone in your life. 

Up this week: Super Natural Every Day by Heidi Swanson of 101 Cookbooks.

Super Natural Every Day by Heidi Swanson 780 _ Umami Girl

The takeaway

Super Natural Every Day  is a beautiful peek into the world of natural foods maven Heidi Swanson. If your world is anything like mine, then Heidi's world closely resembles yours, except it's just a touch more sun-kissed, more centered, somehow more authentic-seeming, and generally all-around an eensy bit better. For example: you have hard-boiled eggs, Heidi has hard-boiled eggs with dukkah. You have prosecco, Heidi has rose geranium prosecco. The catch is, she shares it all with such genuine generosity that you won't be jealous. You'll just be glad. Well-fed, and glad.

The dirty details

This is Heidi's second cookbook and, like her blog, it's creative yet straightforward and rustic yet elegant. Heidi has an almost divine ability to meet a thing — an egg, a glass of prosecco — on its own terms, coax the inherent beauty from it, and then add a little something extra. This book is full of accessible recipes that will help you bring that kind of inspiration into your own kitchen. Super Natural Every Day was published in the U.S. last year but just hit the U.K. last month.

The lovely author

I'm sure nearly all of you know Heidi already from her super-popular blog 101 Cookbooks. For a little British twist, check out her totally solid page of London recommendations here. Or sign up here to find out when her new online pop-up shop opens. Always doing something cool, that Heidi.

You had me at...

In the introduction to her dinner chapter, Heidi says, "I'm a believer that dinner is what you make of it, and it always has the potential to be something special." Me too. Love dinner.

How to get it

Head to your local bookstore, or find the American edition here and the U.K. edition here on Amazon.


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  1. prada ????

  2. Lovely book, lovely recipes, lovely Heidi.
    I think I hate her, but I love her food.
    I’m a friend of Bernadette’s (from your choir) who led me here – lovely blog, thanks!

  3. Lee

    She also wrote a lesser known book called Cook 1.0. I just looked it up and it is selling for $40-50 on Amazon and over $100 on the Barnes & Noble website!

  4. She is my daily inspiration in the kitchen and many times I wrote about how close to her way of living and eating I feel. Her book is the only one I bring with me wherever I go.