Caprese Sandwich (Mozzarella. Tomato. Basil. BOOM.)

Caprese Sandwich Mozzarella Tomato Basil | Umami GirlIt’s the last day of school for our sixth grader and second grader, and, like every year, I’m filled with that special emotional cocktail of nostalgia, pride, relief and mild dread about how the summer will unfold. I’ve told the girls there’s only one rule this summer unless they prove we need more. All they have to do is, “Be Cool,” but the lone rule will be strictly enforced. (Be Cool is a positive spin on the silent little ritualistic chant I perform when dealing with both my kids and avocados: “Please don’t suck… please don’t suck… please don’t suck.”) We’ll see how it goes. 

In other departments, like cooking, I’ll be attempting to get out of my own way. Shop at the farmers’ market. Favor simple, high-quality ingredients. Compile as much as cook. Stove and oven only when necessary.

In other words, be cool.

This simple, classic Caprese sandwich on a multigrain baguette fits the bill perfectly. It’s made from the best, simplest ingredients, requires no cooking, and takes only five minutes to put together. As the second grader would probably say, “Mozzarella. Tomato. Basil. BOOM.” That kind of cool she already has in spades. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the other kind.

Happy summer, all. See you soon.

Carolyn xx