Chilled Tomato Soup

Roasted Tomatoes for Chilled Tomato Soup | Umami Girl
We lucked into a whole lot of very ripe tomatoes this week, which at first struck me as the unequivocal good fortune that it is, so early in July. As the days wore on, though, 17 tomatoes uneaten, excitement turned to a sort of low-grade dread, then briefly to panic yesterday morning when one of the beautiful orange ones was looking dangerously pruney. Wasted tomatoes are like the 10th or 11th deadly sin, so the situation was quickly becoming a matter of self preservation. Happily, a simple roasting with some whole baby onions, olive oil and dried herbs, and then a quick pass through the blender, turned those little time bombs into one lovely summer soup.

I haven’t used quantities in the ingredients list, since you will want to make this with whatever leftovers you happen to have. To give you a sense of proportion, I used 6 good-sized baby onions, plus a random leftover shallot, for our 17 small tomatoes.

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