Cognitive Dipsonance

What do a bunch of perfectly self-respecting ramps get themselves into when they kick back and go on vacation? A bowl of hot, bubbly Ramp Spinach Dip, that’s what.

ramp spinach dip

We are on vacation this week in the rainy, windy Outer Banks of North Carolina. Lucky for us (since we haven’t had the chance to go outside and play much without wearing garbage bags) we brought a houseful of similarly situated friends. Six adults, four little kids, two babies, one dog and — because it’s yours truly here, and what are your thirties for, if not for embracing yours truly — some fugitive ramps and young spinach from our markets in NJ. Who needs to snack on Oreos in the car when there’s the assertive waft of wild leeks to breathe in? Right? Hello?


I bought the ramps and spinach with a pungent pesto in mind. But, after an honest assessment of the crowd,


it became clear that even vegetables — even high-falutin vegetables that demand to be foraged — need to relax and have some fun on vacation. They’re wild, after all, when you think about it. While you may feel a twinge of cognitive dissonance the moment those perfectly innocent veggies become one with the cheesy creaminess, won’t it be worth it to see smiles on those faces? And really, who needs more than that?

virginia rainbow

Although, here’s hoping for a little bit of sunshine.


For this week, I’ll leave you with that. I’ve got a garbage bag to put on, and a walk to take.

Talk to you soon.

Carolyn xx