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Happy 4th of July Weekend

Shrewsbury River Sailing Race | Umami GirlOur little neighborhood is really nailing the whole “America!” thing this weekend, so I thought I’d say Happy Independence Day with a few photos from around town. We’re lucky to live between two rivers and an ocean. Up there is the Shrewsbury River, and below is the Navesink. And even though we live on the east coast of the United States, we managed to have a sunset over the Atlantic last night. Somebody pulled out all the stops. I’m not asking too many questions. 

I won’t lie: the video at the end of this post is just 26 seconds of light on the flowers in front of our porch. Nothing else happens. Don’t expect Chuck Norris. But the breeze picks up around second :12, and if things get a little trancelike, I’m not sorry. The world could use more peaceful moments anyway.

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend, or your regular-length one. And don’t forget the drinks. See you soon.

Fair Haven NJ Dock | Umami GirlSea Bright NJ Sunset | Umami GirlSea Bright NJ Sunset | Umami Girl

Sea Bright NJ Sunset | Umami Girl
Carolyn xx


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