Blueberry Basil Smoothie

Hello from the wine bar at Newark Liberty International Airport, or as I feel I’ve earned the right to call it over the years, EWR. Might I recommend a glass of the Dry Creek Chenin Blanc? Some people might say I’m “extremely conservative” or “terrible at scheduling,” but I like to think that I cleared security three hours before my boarding time so that I could casually show you all what a cosmopolitan woman of the world I am. I’m writing this post from the airport, hello! I’m super-busy with many important business-related situations and matters. I don’t think I needed to say that, though, did I. Lots of A-list bloggers make their magic happen at the airport. Who has time to blog from home anymore? It’s LIT-erally impossible.

It’s a good thing I’m so ridiculously chic-issima (that’s Franco-Italian), because otherwise you might notice that this blueberry-basil smoothie bears a slight resemblance to a drink that Rob Lowe’s character on Parks and Recreation dubbed “terrible” earlier this season. It’s the furthest thing from terrible, I assure you. But putting it forth into the world does require a certain willingness to acknowledge a handful of similarities between myself and the intentionally humorous (and, you know, fictional) Chris Traeger. Our haircut, for one thing. And an interest in healthy living that would be medicable if either of us would deign to take a dose of Western medicine. He’s prettier than me, so that’s how you’ll know who’s who, don’t worry.

I’m not sure what inspired me to add basil to a sweet smoothie, since (I swear to God) I started drinking this purple beauty before I Hulued (v. To watch via Hulu) that episode of Parks & Rec. Someone, somewhere just told me it would be magical. And it was. LIT-erally.

Safe travels, sweet dreams, happy sipping, and I’ll see you back in London.

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