Herb Salt + Spiced Sugar

Herb Salt and Spiced Sugar
Every year the “last-minute holiday gifts!” emails start rolling in around December 10th, and every year my eye-roll gets a little more slow-mo, a little more epic. Last-minute? Please.

I know a thing or two about last-minute, and kiddos, let me tell you that today through Thursday night is when last-minute happens. You still have plenty of time to get busy with homemade gifts, and these two are totally achievable at any point before the big guy with long white beard makes all our impossible dreams come true. This might be a little too crazy since mason jars are widely available everywhere, but at the moment of publication many of you actually still have time to order your jars on Amazon (through my affiliate links here if you like — thank you!) and fill them with beautiful homemade salts and sugars on Christmas Eve. Now we’re talkin’ last-minute.

Herb Salt and Spiced SugarThe best part, though, is that last-minute or no, these gifts are thoughtful and lovely, and almost everyone will like them. The sugar is a new addition to my repertoire this year, but the salt has been a staple over several years, and I always get requests for more that border on showing signs of addiction. No judgment, believe me.

Herb Salt and Spiced SugarHerb Salt and Spiced SugarHerb Salt and Spiced SugarHerb Salt and Spiced SugarI’ll leave you to finish your holiday prep with warm wishes for the holidays and the rest of 2015. I am so grateful for each of you and your support of Umami Girl this year. Love, peace and umami to all. See you in 2016.

Carolyn xx

P.S. Here’s a little holiday gift for you: printable labels. Buy Avery Labels 22830 and print: 

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