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Icelandic Skyr with Muesli and Fruit

Icelandic Skyr with Muesli and Fruit | Umami Girl
I mentioned last year in a post about Reykjavik that we discovered a love for Icelandic skyr during our stay. What I didn’t say is that when we got home to New Jersey, somehow everyone else had suddenly discovered the same love. I half-joked at the time that we shouldn’t eat too much skyr, because we’d learned from our rad tour guide Sigurdur Albert that Icelandic cows were having a hard time keeping up with the growing worldwide demand for their milk. I don’t know whether I took myself too seriously or just embraced my old habit-monster or what, but instead of adopting skyr, I went back to my old Greek yogurt ways as soon as we got home. Which was, you know, delicious.

But then we visited my sister and bro-in-law a few weeks ago, and they had a fridge full of skyr, and I was instantly re-smitten, because re-smitten is a thing you can be. Also because skyr has this extra-fabulous thickness and a totally not over-the-top sweetness that lets its natural tartness shine through and fill it with added dimension. A yogurt prism, if you will. Also because the brand name made me think of what Sigurdur Albert might have been called by his parents and grandparents as a little boy growing up in rural Iceland. Is that weird? I don’t care. (Psst…it’s siggi’s.)

What follows is less a recipe and more a strong suggestion — an urging, even. You know you need a quick, healthy, incredibly delicious breakfast or snack sometimes. But did you know Iceland has a 100% literacy rate? I’m not saying it’s because of skyr, but I’m not saying it’s not. Maybe try it. 

See you soon.

Carolyn xx

Icelandic-style Skyr with Muesli and Fruit

This is hardly a recipe, I know. But boy, it's a breakfast. Quick, satisfying, good for you, and oh so happy-making.


  • 1/2 cup Icelandic-style skyr
  • 3 tablespoons muesli
  • Sliced fruit


  • I mean...put 'er in a bowl and eat 'er, right? 🙂
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