Memorial Day Recipes: Our Mostly Plant-Based Favorites

Memorial Day food should be easy, crowd-pleasing, scalable, and casual — and it should make use of the season's best produce where possible. Our favorite mostly plant-based Memorial Day recipes tick all those boxes and bring a little something special to the table, whether you're hosting at home or contributing to a potluck BBQ. From salads to desserts, we've got you covered.

Really Good Veggie Burgers Vegan Gluten Free 780 | Umami Girl


These vegan, gluten-free burgers are savory and satisfying and lend themselves to topping just like regular burgers.

Memorial Day Recipes, Mostly Plants

We've gathered Umami Girl's favorite mostly plant-based recipes that work really well for Memorial Day. They're full of in-season fruits and vegetables, and they're crowd-pleasers at barbecues and casual potlucks.


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