Nori Rolls

Summer in London, at least this year, is a sort of abbreviated and hilarious phenomenon. A farce, you might call it, if you happened to hail from New Jersey. Even at the tony independent (i.e. private) schools, which wrap up weeks earlier than the state (i.e. public) schools, summer break doesn’t start until mid-July. In mid-July, you will still be wearing sweaters and rain boots nearly every day. Last week I saw a woman wearing a down coat, and she wasn’t carrying one of those I-just-got-out-of-the-psych-ward plastic bags as a purse, either. They’re saying it’s the rainiest summer on record since 1910. I’m tempted to believe them, since it’s always raining. But then, when have you ever heard London described as sunny?

It doesn’t matter, really. What matters is making the most of these odd little wisps of summer before they fly right by. And one easy way to do that from the comfort of your cozy kitchen with the rain-proof roof is to make simple, breezy lunches that won’t weigh you down mentally or physically. Of course, it’s likely you’re reading from a place where there’s so much full-on summer it’s almost too hot to breathe (I hear there are many such places this year, though I can hardly imagine it), or a place where summer is behaving properly. If that’s the case, lucky us, because what could be better for a too-hot summer or a properly behaved summer than simple, breezy lunches that won’t weigh you down? Win win, chomp chomp. Good stuff.

These nori rolls combine some of the best characteristics of (1) sushi, (2) summer rolls, (3) burritos, and (4) MacGyver. They’re savory as shit…ake, full of raw fresh vegetables, have guac in them (always a good thing), and help save lives without using a gun. They’d be bikini-friendly, too, if I could stop shoving them into my mouth. Oh well, you can’t have it all.

A day or two of sun would be great, though.

Talk to you soon.

Carolyn xx