Red-headed stepchild

Horseradish. Fuzzy gourd. Hot/sweet pepper roulette. According to Farmer Rich, none of these worthy adversaries holds a candle to the red cabbage in the game of confounding CSA members. With all of the easy and tasty ways to use it – Asian slaw and soba noodle salad, to name a couple that don’t even require cooking it – I can’t quite understand why the red cabbage would have emerged as the Crucifer of the growing season. But if you’ve found yourself in a staring contest with your own red-headed stepchild, might I recommend this incredibly simple and delicious taste of fall to accompany some roast chicken or a pork chop? Quick-braised Red Cabbage and Apple from Gourmet Magazine will leave you with a slightly sweet, slightly tangy, wonderfully warming side dish and plenty of time to run out for some prophylactic bread and milk in case that sweet pepper turns out to be a rare variety of Habanero.