What To Do with Too Much Kale: Big-Deal Kale and Pancetta Quiche

kale quicheThis week in the crisper on Serious Eats, a “Big-Deal” Kale and Pancetta quiche that is purported to be the world’s best. The recipe, adapted from Michael Ruhlman’s Ratio, is below. You can read the whole article here, though — fair warning — it looks a little like this:

“A surprising downside of Big Deal Syndrome — and this one is kind of a big deal — is that those of us also prone to overcompensation will, for the back half of our college years, act like nothing is a big deal. Then we’ll spend a few years trying to follow other people’s lead on the big-deal front, eventually getting so out of touch with our own inner compass that we’ll lose the ability to identify a true big deal when it’s staring us in the face. Sure, sometimes we’ll lunge at our babies in full Heimlich pose if they cough while eating a Cheerio. But other times we’ll dive right into the world’s longest recipe for what Michael Ruhlman calls the “world’s sexiest pie” at 10 p.m. with every expectation of getting a full night’s sleep.”

Alrighty then. Talk to you soon.

Carolyn xx