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The Minimalist on Meat

Mark Bittman, the New York Times’ “Minimalist,” wrote a nice article in yesterday’s dining section about planning and creating meals that incorporate meat without making it the central focus of the plate, as Americans have traditionally done. I think our generation probably cooks this way already to a greater degree than our parents and grandparents; but Bittman offers some useful suggestions, and I think it’s worth a quick read since many of us will start our weekly meal planning this season with our veggies in mind. (I say this while trying to look at my horseradish, and the two extras that were left behind in the garage, without thinking about a giant slice of perfectly crusted, salty beef tenderloin with creamy horseradish sauce on top. Maybe just one meal a week with a giant slab of meat in the middle wouldn’t be the worst thing….)


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