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The Year of the Huevos

Fried eggs with tomatillo salsa on tomatoes and toast

Happy new year! Umami girl is back and ready to take on the Year of the Huevos, so named because this year our family will be (a) eating cheap and loving it, which means there are sure to be plenty of eggs on the menu, and (b) feeling like we need all the huevos we’ve got to get through these complicated times. It’s Resolution Central around here, but not in that pie-in-the-sky way that makes the gym overly crowded for the first two weeks of January. In fact, there are only two resolutions on the plate, both of which I’d like to share with you – and not just for accountability purposes.

First, umami girl will have a new, improved posting schedule, with a brand new (and absolutely free, if you call now!) post every Tuesday. I’m really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and am hoping you’ll graciously put us back on your front burner in the coming weeks.

Second, and this one is a little harder to package into three easy installments, we umamis are hoping to make 2009 a year of delving more deeply into the messes we’ve already started, even if it means forsaking almost all of those enticing new messes that are sure to come along. Maybe we’ll even clean some of them up, though there’s not much fun in that. The idea is to act a little like all those folks who’ve decided not to buy anything but toilet paper for a year, except that our focus is on interests, thoughts, projects and the like rather than material goods. We’d like to end the year more simply and more mindfully than we’ve begun it, and, in a sense, with less to show for ourselves than we’ve currently got. Ever since we’ve started thinking more about what we eat and where it comes from, life has been inching in this direction; and we’re looking forward to bringing the same thoughfulness to other tasks. It’ll be quite the challenge, but one that I hope we’re up for – and one that I hope isn’t driven solely by the temporarily inflated level of estrogen coursing through this nursing mom’s veins. Because I know my borderline Mother Theresa-grade empathy for all living things great and small these past months certainly isn’t.

We’ll keep you posted on our progress and on how we’re eating cheap and delicious all year. See you next Tuesday!

P.S. Yes, I know, it’s winter and there are tomatoes in the picture. And in my belly. They were hothouse tomatoes from “New England,” according to Whole Foods, which does, technically, fit some definitions of local eating; but I guess that’s not really the point. If you’d like to join in the debauchery of seasonlessness, you can find the recipe for tomatillo salsa here.


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