Week Links: Listen Up! Four audio gems you won’t want to miss


Don't miss these great audio adventures.

Four fantastic pieces

Don't ask me why, but this week it was like everything I listened to turned to solid gold. So in this edition of Week Links, I couldn't resist sharing a bit of that audio magic with you. Here are four pieces well worth listening to. The first two are about food, and the second two made the cut on sheer awesomeness.

What's wrong with what we eat

And oldie but goodie, this is Mark Bittman's TED talk from 2007, which addresses some of the major problems with our food supply. I hadn't watched it until this week, and it's still every bit as relevant as it was five years ago. Listen (or, technically watch, since this one's a video) here. (Also, please don't miss Bittman's piece in the NYT this week on why we don't need to drink milk.)

Alec Baldwin sweet talks about sugar

In this episode of Baldwin's WNYC podcast Here's the Thing, he talks with Dr. Robert Lustig about sugar. The content is cool but not earth-shattering if you've followed this issue...but did I mention it's ALEC BALDWIN talking? Listen here.

This American Life on music lessons

As I've mentioned here before, music is one of the only things in the world that can make me forget about eating. This thought-provoking and very funny episode of This American Life has David Sedaris and Anne Lamott, among others, waxing on music lessons. Listen here.

The worst haircut ever

And, purely for humor that no one should miss, here's a totally hilarious three minute interview by NPR reporter Jeff Cohen of his two little girls, moments after the 5-year-old gave the 3-year-old an...ahhh...asymmetrical haircut. (via Gawker) Listen here.


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  1. gah! i totally agree! npr was on fire last week 🙂