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Wordless Wednesday: Fran’s


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  1. you’re right – there are no words! exquisite.

  2. um. yum.
    never have had them… or heard of them… but I’m thinking that might need to be rectified!

    1. Now I’m feeling guilty for having hoarded them instead of giving you some!

  3. Wait, you can get them in London? Lord have mercy. Those caramels are the most insanely good things I’ve ever eaten, I think.

    1. This was from when we were still in the States — I’m hoarding the memory of them, I guess. May have to look into whether they’re available here (or add it to my growing list of brilliant import opportunities that I will probably never act on).

  4. Yum–always have them when we go to Seattle!

    1. I think I was the last to the Fran’s party, but I plan to be the rowdiest.

  5. Lord have mercy.

    1. Amen, sista.