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To blow off steam (idiom)

Also, to let off steam: (Of a person) Get rid of pent-up energy or strong emotion. (Of a baked good) Transform, as if by magic, from thin, lumpy batter to glorious popover in under one hour.

It’s the holiday season. Sure, there are the joys and the thanks and the givings. Also, though? There are all the extra little reasons you’ll need to blow off some steam. You know the ones I mean.

When times get tough, take a cue from some of New England’s earliest settlers and bake a bread that needs to let off a little steam just as much as you do. Popovers are crisp and buttery on the outside, and, owing to the copious amounts of steam they trap and ultimately release, positively ethereal on the inside. If you let them, they will be your soulmates in this holiday endeavor. Please let them.


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