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Alotta Falafel

How to Make Authentic Falafel at Home | Umami GirlEven for the avid home cook, certain foods are worth buying at a street cart in the middle of a particularly tough day, biting in when you know they’re still too hot, letting the sauce dribble down your chin. There’s satisfaction is tossing those flimsy paper napkins into a wire trash can on the street corner, checking your teeth with a shop window glance, and stepping back into the office as if the whole salacious affair never happened. The escapism’s the thing.

I used to think falafel was one of those escapist foods. If you’d still like to think of it that way, please, don’t let me deny you the pleasure. Honestly, it’s only since Shake Shack entered my life that I’ve been able to see falafel as anything more than a fling—as something to bring home to my family. If you’re not ready to take the leap, I won’t mind if you sit this one out.

How to Make Authentic Falafel at Home | Umami GirlIt was Kim O’Donnel, writing about Meatless Monday back in the days of A Mighty Appetite, who convinced me to try falafel at home. The glug-glug of a quart of oil pouring into a Dutch oven on your very own stovetop may just be the antithesis of escapism. But it turns out that falafel is not only easy to make at home—it’s also dearly beloved by children and adults, zealots and skeptics, veg-heads and carnivores alike. It’s a real crowd-pleaser, is what I’m trying to say here. And if there’s one thing better than escaping from the crowd, it’s being responsible for putting soulful, herb-flecked grins on their faces. It’s a wholesome, grown-up pleasure, to be sure, befitting of cloth napkins more than paper ones. Still and all, I highly recommend it.

How to Make Authentic Falafel at Home | Umami Girl



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