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Baba Ghanoush

When I told the girls I’d made baba ghanoush, the seven-year-old said, “Oh! I didn’t realize that was a real thing.” Poor kid never had a chance to know. For her whole life, Cope has been using “baba ghanoush” as a fake answer to questions. Daddy, what comes after a trillion? Baba ghanoush. It’s not what made him marriage material, I’ll say that much. But now that the girls are getting older, I no longer have to decide whether to spend some of my daily marital goodwill allowance on rolling my eyes at that kind of baba ghanoush. I wouldn’t have the chance if I wanted to. The girls are all over it.

Perhaps you yourself are older than seven and/or do not have a dad who likes to see you roll your eyes — and perhaps you are already aware that baba ghanoush is a real thing. Good on ya! Did you also know that it’s simple to make at home? And that it’s packed full of complex flavor that all comes from a short list of healthy ingredients?

I totally knew all that, and I totally think about baba ghanoush kind of a weird amount. Still, I hadn’t thought to make it in quite a while, until I saw this post from Marc at No Recipes and simply couldn’t rest until I made it. And ate it all in one day. Daddy, why is mommy passed out on the dining room floor with a big smile on her face? Baba ghanoush, girls. Baba ghanoush.


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