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Dandelion Salad with Balsamic Strawberries and Onions | Umami Girl

Here’s a favorite recipe from the archives all prettied up for late spring and early summer. I love how nature looks out for chefs by readying ingredients that go well together at the same moment. Dandelion greens and strawberries are a perfect example, and they’re helped along in this simple but succulent salad by a dose of slow-cooked red onions and balsamic vinegar. Original text follows, first published here in 2010.  (more…)

Um. International Sushi Day is a real thing. It’s an Umami Girl’s dream come true. I almost can’t even. But I DEFINITELY will. 🙂

International Sushi Day with Sapporo | Umami Girl

You may know Sunday June 18 as Father’s Day. And you may, as I did as recently as last week, think that Father’s Day is borderline perfect the way it is. Celebrating great dads. Spending time outdoors. Maybe grilling. Or busting myths with pink drinks and a matinee musical, who cares. Point being, I didn’t know I needed more from Father’s Day.

International Sushi Day with Sapporo | Umami Girl

But sometimes life brings you moments of clarity like that. Case in point: this year, June 18 is also International Sushi Day. INTERNATIONAL SUSHI DAY, people. This is real. No offense, dads, but I now see very clearly that something’s been missing from your big day for years.

That thing, of course, is a sushi party.
International Sushi Day with Sapporo | Umami Girl

It’s no secret to anyone who’s met me that I’ll take virtually any excuse to indulge in some good sushi. Reasons such as “Wednesday” typically suffice. So a whole international day of sushi celebration is almost enough to leave me verklempt. I’ll power through, though, and I suggest you do, too. 🙂   (more…)

Our Financial Independence Journey | Umami Girl

A note from Carolyn:

You guys, I’ve been wanting for a long time to begin sharing more aspects of our family’s life on Umami Girl. One area of major importance to us is personal finance and financial independence. It’s Cope’s most avid hobby, if you can believe that — and that was true loooong before websites like Bigger Pockets and Mr. Money Mustache made it cool. (Or “cool,” anyway. Shut up, okay? 🙂 )  

Money is a touchy subject, and we’ve been so reticent about it on this site that I’ve begun to feel like we’re actively hiding something from you. When I wrote the post about working motherhood earlier this year, I was surprised how many people reached out to ask follow-up questions about how to make blogging work as a business. That was great, and I tried to answer every question I could. But the truth is that while the blog may hog the spotlight around here, it’s the least interesting part of our family’s financial independence conversation by far. (With any luck, that won’t always be the case, but that’s where we are right now.) Not only that, but when you’re talking to me about this stuff, you’re talking to the wrong family member.  (more…)

Oh hi, were you expecting a veggie burger from the likes of me? Fair point. But no. 🙂

Bacon Weave Blue Cheese Burgers | Umami Girl

Happy Memorial Day weekend, American friends. And happy Saturday to us all. This was going to be a Friday post, but a bacon weave demands time and space. (For the record, I would have loved to use the term bacon lattice, but not enough people search for that term. – Notes from Behind the Cast Iron Blogging Curtain) At any rate, as you’ve probably noticed by now, I don’t often talk a lot about food in these recipe posts until we get to the end. But today is different. I want to share a few burger hacks with you. And a bacon hack, too. Which really doesn’t leave room for anything else. So here we go.

Bacon Weave Blue Cheese Burgers | Umami Girl

How to Shape the Perfect Patty

It’s all about the divot. After forming a disc-shaped patty about the size of your palm, use your thumb to press a big, deep divot into the middle of the patty. The depression will disappear as the burger cooks, yielding a flat rather than bulging burger that cooks evenly. Takes five seconds. Works like a dream. (more…)


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