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7-Minute Eggs: Seriously the Best Boiled Eggs

7-minute eggs are the best boiled eggs for so many purposes and so many reasons. 🙂

7 Minute Eggs | Umami Girl

After indulging in basically an all-hollandaise, all the time situation a couple weeks ago and maybe a little too much summer-abandon eating, I’ve turned toward trying to trim down a bit. People always act like it’s hard for women to lose weight once they hit 40, but the truth is it’s actually simpler than before. Before there were points, macros, plans to log. After 40, you can dispense with all of that. All you have to do is keep up your usual activity levels and basically never eat, ever. 🙂 It’s funny-ish ’cause it’s true-ish. (more…)

7-minute eggs are the best boiled eggs for everything from ramen to avocado toast to leftover pasta. They're consistent, easy to peel, and have jammy yolks and perfectly set whites.

Summer Pasta with Pesto, Grilled Salmon and Corn

Summer Pasta with Pesto, Grilled Salmon and Corn | Umami GirlA good bowl of summer pasta is a great joy. That’s a truth universally acknowledged. (Sorry, I’ve got Victorian literature on the brain, not to mention on my arm.) Summer pasta can — and frankly should, if you’re living right 🙂 — take many shapes over the course of the season. For one thing, it’s a lovely way to turn leftovers from the grill into something new and wonderful.  (more…)

A great summer pasta recipe with grilled salmon, corn and pesto.

Fun Hostess Gift Ideas: Literary Tattoos + Greeting Cards

Charlotte Bronte Jane Eyre Literary Tattoos | Umami Girl

Photo credit: Addie Cope

I always try — and often fail spectacularly — to have a little stash of fun gifts on hand to bring for hosts or to wrap up for someone or other at the last minute when the mood strikes. And sometimes, like when we popped into The Bennington Bookshop in Bennington, VT a few weeks ago and sheepishly bought more novelties than books, I choose to keep a few of them for myself.

A couple of favorites from that trip, which are also available online:

Literary tattoos! I have to admit I’d basically spent an entire year looking forward to nabbing these Jane Eyre temporary tattoos on our trip to Bennington, ever since Addie had picked some up for herself during a piano camp town outing last summer. I knew I could find them elsewhere during the year, but somehow it began to feel like a nice little ritual to wait for Bennington, so I did.

You, on the other hand, can find them here or maybe at your local independent bookstore.  (more…)

Easy Side Dish: The Best Sautéed Mushrooms Recipe

The Best Sauteed Mushrooms Recipe | Umami GirlI joked on Twitter a while back that although the Umami Girl recipe index has lots of categories, it really only needs two: HAZ MUSHROOMS and DESSERTS. It’s funny ’cause it’s true, people. Still, somehow the simplest, most mushroomy dish of all — a good old sautéed mushrooms recipe, cooked to perfection with a few simple tactics — made it nine years without an appearance.

That changes now. 🙂  (more…)

The best sautéed mushrooms recipe. Makes a great, easy, versatile side dish.

Eggs Florentine, Carluccio’s London Style

Eggs Florentine are a special but tooootally do-able breakfast or brunch inspired by Carluccio’s and one of our favorite London traditions.

Eggs Florentine Recipe

I miss living in London. There, I said it. It’s a ridiculous, nostalgic brand of missing at this point, all wistful memories of our highlights and total disregard of the annoyances and challenges. I’m okay with that.

One beautiful highlight was my Saturday morning tradition with the big girl, who, looking back, wasn’t so big. We’d rush to her piano lesson, just the two of us, often missing the last reasonable bus by seconds. Hop into a black cab. She’d have her lesson, I’d stay and listen unless I couldn’t wait a minute more for coffee. Then we’d walk the gorgeous walk from West Hampstead eastward to Rosslyn Hill, cutting through Shepherd’s Walk, the Narnian passageway that leads from Fitzjohns Avenue right to Carluccio’s(more…)

An impressive but easy brunch: Eggs Florentine, inspired by a favorite tradition from our London days.


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