Brown Butter White Bean Purée

Brown Butter White Bean Puree | Umami GirlWhy hello there from the caboose of the white bean train. (And thanks in advance for not abandoning this post after that intro, mmm’kay?) Last week was all about white beans (dip! epic sandwiches! crostini!), and you may have thought we’d leave well enough alone after the weekend. But here’s one more noteworthy recipe that you won’t want to miss: brown-butter white bean purée. It makes a warm, savory bed for everything from the reverse-sear pork chops pictured here to scallops to chicken to infinity and beyond. (Buzz Lightyear sold separately.)

This recipe starts with cooked white beans. You can use canned, and that’s 100% fine, but beans cooked from scratch with lots of tasty aromatics really shine here too. (Here’s how to cook a pound of dried beans.) No presh either way. Just sayin.

Brown Butter White Bean Puree | Umami GirlHappy Monday, happy tail end of this riveting white-bean-intensive period of our lives, and talk to you soon.

Carolyn xx