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How-to Cope: Daddy, can we read?

Daddy, can we read?

There are evenings when my mind and body feel fried. There are days when I fall asleep mid-sentence at the dinner table or in a soft seat in the living room. But when that little voice, which gets bigger and more sophisticated by the hour, raises up to ask if we can read, I almost always find that there is extra energy and focus that’s been squirreled away for the purpose.

What is it about sharing a story that makes the rest of the world melt away for a while?

Hermoine Granger and Harry Potter, Beezus and Ramona, Frodo and Bilbo Baggins, and Frog and Toad have all made us feel that a strong pair of curious souls can learn and explore a lot with—and from—one another. Our younger daughter often hangs around the goal and repeats the best words of the moment. Our older daughter sits listening intently to one of us as we repeat descriptions of Narnia, the Island of the Blue Dolphins, or Diagon Alley.

I haven’t figured out exactly what it is about reading aloud that generates the greatest benefits for us. But I’m not inclined to over-think it, since it feels so nice and appears to have few side-effects other than perhaps a few lost moments of weekday sleep.

I’ll share more about what we’re reading and how we’re benefiting when I know. And we’d love if you’d share your own thoughts and experiences in the comments. Off to read with the little ones.

Speak to you soon,


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