My Perfect Guacamole Recipe

This is what we consider to be the perfect guacamole recipe. Creamy, tangy, savory and simple. Hope you love it as much as we do.

My Perfect Guacamole Recipe 780 | Umami Girl

Why make our guac

There are a bajillion guacamole recipes out there. And you can even buy it at the store. Why would you choose to make our recipe?

Here’s why. Guac from the store is meh at best. It doesn’t taste fresh, because it mostly isn’t. Guac from the regular supermarket has to sit on the shelf for days at least, and guac just isn’t meant to do that. So it has to contain preservatives. Even when they’re not overblown chemical preservatives, they just add an off taste to something that’s supposed to be fresh, creamy perfection.

Our guacamole recipe is for people who like big, bold flavor. Compared to the other recipes out there, we:

  • Use a little more lime juice, salt, and cilantro, which amps up the flavor and creates the perfect, memorable balance.
  • Use a clever method for taking some of the “bite” out of the raw red onion without dulling its flavor too much.
  • Show you how to cut and mash your avocados to achieve the perfect texture for your guac.
Guacamole Ingredients | Umami Girl 780

Guacamole Ingredients

Our guacamole is simple and perfectly balanced. You won’t need anything fancy, but the perfect balance of ingredients adds up to something magical. You will need:

  • 4 ripe avocados
  • 2 limes
  • 1/2 small red onion
  • 1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro
  • Salt
  • 1 minced jalapeño pepper (optional)

How to make perfect guacamole

Making guacamole is quick and easy. The only trick is to make sure you have ripe avocados on hand when you’re ready to make it! See below for some tips about avocado ripeness — a notoriously finicky topic.

The Best Guacamole Recipe Process 1 _ Umami Gi

To make guac, you will take these steps. See them in action in the video that accompanies this post:

  • Finely chop fresh cilantro and red onion
  • Juice two fresh limes into a large mixing bowl, and stir in the diced onion so that the acid in the lime juice has a chance to remove a little bit of the “bite” from the raw onion while you prepare the avocados.
  • Halve four avocados, remove the stones, and dice the avocados right in their skins. Then use a spoon to scoop the diced avocado into the bowl.
  • Toss avocado with lime juice to prevent it from browning.
How to make guacamole
  • Once the avocado is stirred up with the lime juice, you’ll mash it with a fork. You can mash it to any consistency you like, but we really like to leave some of the diced avocado as-is to achieve a little bit of textural interest.
  • Then you’ll stir in the chopped cilantro, plenty of salt, and the minced jalapeño if you’re using it. We often make our guac mild, without hot peppers, so that kids gobble it up.
  • That’s it! Transfer your guac to a serving bowl and it’s ready to eat!

What to serve with guacamole

Can you make guacamole ahead of time?

In general, the answer to this question is no, it’s much better to make guac right before you eat it. However, our recipe has enough lime juice in it to prevent the avocado from browning, even if you store it in the fridge overnight. This is pretty much never the case with other guac. So if you’re really in a time crunch on the day of your party, you can make this guac the night before and store it tightly sealed in the fridge.

How to ripen an avocado quickly

Avocados are beloved — yet ripening is tricky business. So much so, that it’s inspired several whole genres of humor, from puns to cartoons.

Will McPhail Avocado Ripening Cartoon New Yorker Magazine
Cartoon by Will McPhail for New Yorker Magazine

The best thing you can do is to seek out a local market that sells a LOT of avocados. They’ll tend to have plenty of avocados at varying levels of ripeness, and they’ll tend to be less expensive than elsewhere. We have a great Mexican market in a neighboring town that’s THE place to go for avocados.

If that’s not an option, try to buy avocados up to a week in advance. Leave them on the counter until they’re ripe, then transfer them to the fridge to maintain peak ripeness until you need them. (Refrigerating avocados is approved by the California Avocado Commission, in case you were wondering.)

If you’re short on time, there are a couple of great tricks you can use.

Brown bag method

Place unripe avocados into a brown bag (an old-school brown lunch bag works great). As they ripen, avocados give off ethylene gas. Keeping them in a breathable bag helps trap enough of the gas to accelerate their ripening, without creating an overly funky environment.

Banana method

If you’re really short on time and have the flexibility to keep a hawk-eye gaze on your ripening avocados, add a banana to the brown bag. Bananas produce lots of ethylene gas as they ripen, and this will help your avocados ripen even faster. Just pay attention, because they can get overripe quickly.

How to tell if an avocado is ripe

First things first: when you live in a place that’s far from where avocados are grown, there is no such thing as a perfect method for determining what your avocado will look like on the inside. There are just too many variables at play. This holds for both ripeness and any funkiness (brown bits, etc.) that you may encounter. I like to joke that I just offer up a little prayer to the universe each time I open up an avocado.

That said, a prayer is not a strategy.

The stem method

The best thing you can do to gauge whether your avocado is ripe is to pop off the little piece of stem at the top.

  • If the stem doesn’t come off fairly easily, the avocado is not ripe enough.
  • If the stem comes off easily and what’s exposed underneath is green, you likely have a good, ripe avocado on your hands.
  • If the stem comes off easily and what’s exposed underneath is brown, you may have an overripe or not-so-good avocado.

The simple observation method

Here’s what Avocados from Mexico recommends:

  • Check the color. If your avocado is ripe, its skin tone will be dark green to nearly black.
  • Check the skin’s texture. Ripe avocados will have bumpy skin.
  • Gently squeeze the avocado. A perfectly ripe avocado will yield to firm, gentle pressure without remaining dented or feeling mushy.

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Perfect Guacamole Recipe

This is what we consider to be the perfect guacamole recipe. Creamy, tangy, savory and simple. Hope you love it.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Serves Serves 8


  • 2 limes
  • 1/2 small red onion, minced
  • 4 ripe Haas avocados
  • 1 teaspoon fine sea salt
  • 1/2 cup chopped cilantro
  • 1/2 mild jalapeño, minced (optional)


  1. Juice the limes into a medium mixing bowl. It might seem like there's a lot of juice, but you won’t be sorry. Add the onion and stir to coat. Let sit while you prepare the avocados. 
  2. Halve and pit each avocado. Dice flesh and scoop from skins into mixing bowl, tossing with lime juice as you go to prevent browning. Add salt and mash avocado to desired consistency. I like to leave a some pieces diced and mash some more thoroughly for a little textural interest. Add cilantro and jalapeño if using and stir to combine. Serve with tortilla chips and lots of good beer.

Nutrition Information

Amount Per Serving:

Calories:: 123 Total Fat:: 10.5g Carbohydrates:: 8.7g Fiber:: 5.3g Protein:: 1.6g

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  1. Melanie

    (here via Blogher link) Guacamole is my favorite reason to watch football! Great post!

  2. megan

    I love guacamole! I’ve never made it though. Saving this recipe for the superbowl! Thanks 🙂

  3. Guac is my favorite dish! I never considered including the lime zest. Great idea!

  4. Henry


    Super Bowl is just another excuse!

    The inner circle of my tribe gather anywhere, anytime, to share food, beverages, music, and each other. I don’t even watch the sports clips on the news…. rather be in the Kitchen with wine in hand and friends at hand. Last year had Oysters Rockefeller and raw on the half – I have a ‘to die for source’… part of what’s great about being on eastern LI’s N shore.

    Thanks for your guac recipe; I prefer lime and cilantro to be discernable in the foreground, but yet not overpowering…a delicate dance…can’t wait to try this – looks perfect.

  5. Wow, my recipe is so close to yours – but yours has so much lime! Can’t believe I haven’t done that before. I think I’m going to add it to the leftovers in the fridge. Thanks!