Super-Savory Frittata with Potato, Shiitake and Garlic Scapes

Potato Shiitake Garilic Scape Frittata III | Umami GirlAt the risk of seasonal self-aggrandizement, I’m going to say that I feel like we got the pace of summer just right this year. The kids have been crushing camp and swimming and chill time. We’ve done some sleeping in and some early rising. There have been lots of walks and plenty of easy dinners on the porch. We’ve purchased not one but two beginner ukuleles (with upgraded strings, full disclosure in case you decide to follow suit). Not to mention this super-savory frittata. I know. It’s impressive. 

I said at the start of the season that I’d be trying to stay out of my own way in the kitchen, with a focus on simple preparation and assembly of summer’s best ingredients. So far, gotta say, so good. Case in point, this super-savory frittata, which makes a great weeknight dinner or picnic contribution. I won’t lie — it has what pretty much amounts to hash browns right in the damn middle, plus shiitakes and garlic scapes and capers and pecorino. I’d go on, but I’m at high risk of hyperventilating. (Also, that’s pretty much the whole ingredient list.)

Serve it straight out of the pan, or make it a day or two before. Nestle a nice piece of it inside a baguette and toss some arugula or slices of tomato on top. Maybe chase it with a quick duet of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. There’s really no going wrong.

See you soon.

Carolyn xx

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