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Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

Silver Palate Stuffing, VegetarianEven more than Styx, even more than The Police, even more than Depeche Mode or Ace of Base, my favorite thing about the Top 40 radio station of my high school years was a short PSA that simply said, “Mozart wrote his first symphony at the age of four. How’s yours coming?” It was more of a PDA, really, by which of course I mean a Public Disservice Announcement. That was my favorite kind of PDA in high school by far.

Well, Thanksgiving is only four days away, so by way of PDA, I ask you all: How’s your Thanksgiving menu coming? And by way of PSA, I offer a roundup of gobble-worthy recipes from Umami Girl’s archives. And I’ve saved the best for last. It’s a vegetarian adaptation of the Silver Palate’s runaway success of a cornbread stuffing. If I do say so, having eaten both the original version and the adapted version within the same week, I think the meatless types among you will be as happy as your carnivorous friends. Gobble, gobble.

36 Meatless Thanksgiving Recipes

Hors d’Oeuvres



Vegetarian Mains



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