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Balsamic strawberries: a simple magic trick you simply need to know.

Balsamic Strawberries with Whipped Cream | Umami Girl

Happy Labor Day, dudes. This day always feels like the last whisper of hurrah (psst…hurrah!) before the engine of fall productivity cranks to life. (Wait, what kind of car do I drive?) This morning I’m chasing summer — sitting on the porch with my feet up, waiting for a friend to drop by, and squeezing the last drops of strawberry out of the season.  (more…)

Bacon in the Oven | Umami Girl-2O hai, is it the weekend yet? We’ve been back from our Utah adventure for about a week, and my current vibe is oscillating between plunging into autumn industriousness and just sitting here craving the next vacation. We’ve had a nice, steady stream of overnight guests and visits to the local Firemen’s Fair that will continue for the next few days, after which I’ll be all out of summery excuses. I’m glad we’re heading into a long weekend, and I’m very glad that weekend will include bacon in the oven.  (more…)

A gorgeous burrata platter makes a quick and easy appetizer (or, hey, summer dinner) with tons of bang for your buck.

Quick Appetizer Idea Burrata Platter | Umami Girl

Well, hello from the road to Rexburg, Idaho (via Park City, Utah), where with any luck we’ll be rolling into town with a little time to spare before the eclipse. I really do mean “from the road” — I’m tap tap tapping on my phone from the passenger seat.

We’ve been hiking the heck outta southern Utah this past week and loving every minute. Check out Instagram for some sneak peeks before the official roundup hits the blog in a few weeks. (more…)

This crowd-pleasing shrimp quesadilla with spinach and black beans works equally well as a quick dinner or a party app.

Shrimp Quesadilla with Spinach and Black Beans | Umami Girl

Happy mid-August Monday, my friends. We’re on our way to Utah today for 10 days of low-key adventure. We’ll hike Zion, Bryce and Moab. We’ll hop up to Rexburg, Idaho to watch the eclipse. And then we’ll play in Park City. Maybe catch an organ recital at the Mormon Tabernacle because even amidst the most outdoorsy sentences I’ve ever written, I’m still a huge geek like that, and I’m not sorry.

In the meantime, how about a shrimp quesadilla? We’ve eaten QUITE a few of these recently, and I wish I had another one right now. They’re ridiculously quick and easy and happy-making, and just right for summer days and beyond. (more…)

Chocolate Sauce Recipe for Ice Cream | Umami Girl

Ohhhh hiiiiii. I have a chocolate sauce recipe for you. It takes five minutes to make and has five ingredients if you count the pinch of salt. It’s the perfect consistency. The perfect amount sweet. The perfect amount chocolatey.

It keeps well in the fridge for a week or more. And it’s really hard to screw up.

Hi hi. Let’s do this.  (more…)


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