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Easy Holiday Appetizer: Prosciutto-Wrapped Shrimp

Easy Holiday Appetizer: Prosciutto Wrapped Shrimp | Umami Girl

Big thanks to Sonoma-Cutrer for sponsoring this post.

Oh hi there. It’s suddenly the time of year for alllllll the feelings. Some feelings I share with most people — Joy to the World, Ose Shalom and all that. Some I share with a more particular subset of the population — those who, in the northeast, begin to look longingly at the still-abundant farmers’ markets and vineyards of the west coast. For us, the joy of the season is tinged with jealousy, which either will or will not be cashed in upon receipt of a White Christmas. Or something like that.

Well. I like to cook my feelings. 🙂 (more…)

Bleu de Chèvre and Beet Linguine Recipe

Bleu de Chèvre and Beet Linguine | Umami Girl

Big thanks to Goat Cheeses of France for sponsoring this post.

Good morning from the middle of a mild and pleasant post-Thanksgiving coma. That was fun, wasn’t it? Fun and exhausting and slightly infuriating, and all the things that holidays will be. Today we’re taking a nice little break from all that to focus on France. I figured we’d go somewhere that doesn’t even have Thanksgiving, just to be safe.

Do you know what they do have in France, though? French goat cheeses. Beautiful, high-quality, but totally accessible and affordable French goat cheeses. France is the number one producer of goat’s milk cheeses in the world, with 6,000 goat’s milk producers, half of whom make their own cheese.

Bleu de Chèvre and Beet Linguine | Umami Girl

With production in multiple regions south of the Loire Valley, there’s wide variety among tastes and styles. I thought I knew my way around chèvre reasonably well, but working with Goat Cheeses of France  has introduced me to some new varieties, including the Bleu de Chèvre that I’ve used in the easy but special-feeling recipe below.

French goat cheeses in their multitudes work well all year round, but at this time of year it’s nice to focus on cozy dishes that are dinner-party ready without too much time or effort. Bleu de Chèvre would make a great addition to a simple (or wildly ostentatious) cheese board and really needs no special treatment. But I couldn’t shake the idea of how its gentle piquancy might enhance an earthy and festive-looking pasta sauce made with beets. The resulting Bleu de Chèvre and Beet Linguine was very popular, and I’m looking forward to making it again.  (more…)

Fall Cocktail: The Apple Cider Moscow Mule

Fall Cocktail Apple Cider Moscow Mule | Umami Girl

You guys, Thanksgiving is RIGHT around the corner. I’m not gonna sugar-coat this. It’s next Thursday. What EVEN?

I 100% cannot comprehend how it’s the middle of November right now, but that’s a story for another day. (“How about never? Is never good for you?” you might be thinking. And fair enough.) Today’s story is about a fall cocktail that would make a really great start to your Thanksgiving celebration — the Apple Cider Moscow Mule. Even though it’s vodka-based, it’s nice and light, so Great Aunt Googlypuss can have one without passing out, and if Great Uncle Frankenschmutz starts acting like an asshole, it’s not the cocktail’s fault.  (more…)

Sweet Dark Cherry Smoothie for Muscle Recovery

This tasty sweet dark cherry smoothie is nutrient-optimized for muscle recovery after a tough workout.

Sweet Dark Cherry Smoothie for Muscle Recovery | Umami Girl

Well hello there from my best self. Kidding/not kidding, sorry/not sorry. I’m not sure what occasioned this week’s sudden return to yoga and smoothies and all things super-healthy after a weird, uncharacteristic hiatus, but here I am, and yay for that. Maybe it was the 16 scenic but sedentary hours we spent in the car this past weekend. Doesn’t matter. It’s good to be back. (more…)

Sweet Potato Buddha Bowls in 30 Minutes

These beautiful, nourishing sweet potato Buddha bowls with lentils, freekeh and kale can be yours in 30 minutes. Which leaves you plenty of time to be sweet more often.

Sweet Potato Buddha Bowls | Umami Girl

Big thanks to North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission for sponsoring this post.

So here’s something nice. Leading up to World Kindness Day next week, sweet potatoes want to get real with you for a sec. They already like you. (And I’m betting you already like them.) They know you’re nice. And thoughtful. And kind. But they’re wondering: what if everyone were sweet a little more often?

I was game to find out. So I made them a Buddha bowl.  (more…)


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