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For the Love of the Loo

I really should have posted this highlights reel of modern/cottage bathrooms that inspired our NJ house renovation on a wordless Wednesday, because let’s face it. The odds of anything good coming from a discussion of bathrooms on a food blog are slim to none. No matter how fabulous the bathrooms are. No matter how much I want to coin a new phrase like “modcot” to describe this style, so you and I can both go down in history as having been totally modcot. No matter that it never, ever gets old to peek into the Barefoot Contessa’s house from the privacy of our own, deeply inferior homes. No matter how necessary it is to peek into the Barefoot Contessa’s house, because it’s probably only a matter of time before we all sort of, whoops!, build multinational empires like Ina and Jeffrey did — and when that happens, we’ll need to be prepared to live the life.

See what I mean? We’re headed down a slippery slope already with this discussion. So I’m going to zip my lip and let you look at the photos now. Come on in.


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