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Not every question has an easy answer. But this one does. What’s the best Christmas tree stand for a live tree? It’s the Krinner Tree Genie, hands down. Learn everything you need to know right here.

Krinner Tree Genie XXL Christmas Tree Stand
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The magic of Christmas is real

There are a handful of home products that can magically change your life during the holidays. The world’s best air bed. A Lasko 754200 Ceramic space heater. And the best Christmas tree stand for live trees, bar none.

Krinner vs. the world

For years I sightly dreaded putting up our Christmas tree. We had one of those standard-issue tree stands with the metal screws. You had to tighten them just enough to prevent the tree from falling down, but not so much that you murdered the tree all over again.

Every year the screws rusted a little more. And every year I wrestled a little harder with the pliers, as well as with my foul language in this most joyous of seasons.

Every day I had to lay down on the floor, stick my head under the tree and my finger into that dark pool of water to see whether it needed to be filled. And it always did.

I knew there was a better Christmas tree stand option out there. But researching and buying the best tree stand for a live Christmas tree was just one more thing to do at a crazy time of year.

Christmas tree on car

The best Christmas tree stand for a live tree

Turns out this isn’t a hard question to answer. Over the course of a cool 20+ years, millions of people have voted with their wallets and bought a Krinner Tree Genie. I was just approximately the last person on earth to know.

So be it. I figured it out. And now you don’t have to work super hard to figure it out for yourself. I think we can agree we’ve all worked more than hard enough on our Christmas trees in years past.

Krinner Tree Genie XXL Christmas Tree Stand

What we love about the Krinner Tree Genie

  • It’s SO easy to use. As of this writing, I’m a 43-year-old woman of exactly average height with joints that like to hyperextend and a perpetual intention of getting back to the gym. (Tomorrow’s the day!) I am strong of will. Strong of heart. But never particularly strong of arm. And not currently strong of core. STILL. I single-handedly put up our 8-foot Fraser fir in two minutes.
  • In case this isn’t implied in the first point, it makes you feel like a HERO.
  • It’s super-sturdy. The base for the XXL size is 20 inches in diameter and weighs 18 pounds when empty. Frisky kittens who like to jump into the branches be damned — your tree will not be toppling. Even though those dimensions sound kinda huge, the stand looks nice and streamlined. I don’t even plan to cover it with a tree skirt this year.
  • Whether your tree’s trunk is straight or not, the tree will stand straight due to the Krinner’s clever one-cable, five-prong clamp system that just sort of gently but firmly moms your tree into submission.
  • It has a foot pedal that you get to pump with your foot until the tree is secure. We didn’t buy the deluxe model, but if you do, there’s a bell that rings when your tree is clamped tightly enough. When you’re ready, the pedal easily locks into place so it won’t inadvertently loosen.
  • It holds 2.5 gallons of water and has a water gauge that tells you when it’s time to refill. You won’t have to refill as often as usual, and you’ll know when it’s time without laying on the floor.
  • It’s easy to store between seasons.
  • From everything we’ve heard from real people and read on the internet, it lasts for many, many years.
Krinner Tree Genie XXL Christmas Tree Stand

What you might not love about the Krinner Tree Genie

  • It’s on the pricier side for a Christmas tree stand. Depending on the size you buy (see specs here), it’ll set you back between about $55 and $108.
  • I’ve read a few reviews that suggest the base can develop a crack occasionally, and that water can leak out. Those reviews also suggest that Krinner is very good about replacing damaged products.

Conclusion: The best Christmas tree stand

If anything changes over the years, I’ll let you know. But I can’t imagine being more excited about a tree stand than I am with the Krinner Tree Genie. Merry Christmas, and hope you’ll love it too.

Carolyn xx

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