New Year’s Day Brunch: Easy Make-ahead Menu

Brunch is the best. And New Year’s Day brunch is a chance to really make this celebratory meal perfect without making it hard. Here’s a simple menu and game plan for putting together a festive, make-ahead party while easing your way into the new year.

New Year's Day Brunch Menu items including a cocktail, bacon, a fruit platter, and a make-ahead vegetarian breakfast casserole

Hosting a brunch party without stress

Whether you like to ring in the new year like the wild it-girl that you are or keep things lower-key by hosting a simply perfect NYE gathering at home, I bet you don’t feel like working harder than you have to on January 1.

This simple but fabulous brunch menu feeds a crowd and is all but 100% make-ahead friendly.

You’ll assemble four items:

  • A perfect brunch cocktail that you can batch in a pitcher and chill ahead of time
  • A veggie-packed breakfast casserole that you can assemble on the morning of New Year’s Eve, pop into the fridge, and bake an hour before your party
  • A huge batch of really good bacon in the oven. Use the best thick center-cut bacon you can find, and make more than you think you’ll need. There’s never any left.
  • An epic fruit platter with dark chocolate fruit dip, which does double-duty as side dish and dessert

New Year’s Day brunch game plan

Here’s your simple timeline for hosting New Year’s Day brunch:

  • December 30: Write up your grocery list and head out shopping.
  • December 31: At your leisure during the day, assemble the casserole. Pop it in the fridge, tightly covered. Prep the cocktail and chill it. Make the chocolate sauce for the fruit platter and leave it right in the pot. Prep all the fruit. Then go have a great New Year’s Eve!
  • January 1: 90 minutes before your party, preheat the oven. Cook the bacon, and when it’s done, slide the casserole into the oven. Assemble the fruit plate. Gently reheat the chocolate sauce.
  • Make a big-ass pot of coffee.
  • Set out plates, glasses, silverware, napkins, and the drinks pitcher, casserole, bacon, and fruit platter with dip. You’re done! Happy New Year. xx

New Year's Day Brunch Menu

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