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Nuts for Homemade Crazy Milk

old up, now. I have a sneaking feeling that something’s not quite right about the title of this post, but I can’t put my finger on what. If you think of it, would you let me know?

While you’re here, I might as well let you know that we’ve recently gone totally nuts for homemade crazy milks. And incidentally, we’re also head-over-heels crazy about homemade nut milks. See anything unusual about this story yet? No? Maybe I’m just being paranoid that you’ll find us a little eccentric.

The first time I made cashew milk in my Vitamix, I felt positively omnipotent. One minute I stood in front of a cup of raw cashews and three cups of water. The next minute, I had four cups of the whitest, creamiest milk I’d ever seen. Who was I? A cow? A goddess? A pair of boobs?

Non-dairy milks and creams are weirdly easy to make at home. They’re incredibly useful for vegans but can also add welcome variety and healthfulness to an omnivore’s diet. Packaged varieties abound in the supermarkets these days, but for optimum taste and nutrition, it’s so much better (and barely more difficult) to start with whole foods and whizz them up yourself. You can make non-dairy milk from any number of dry ingredients. I’m just beginning to explore different combinations and will report back in more depth one day soon. But for now, here’s a simple, oddly empowering recipe to get you started.

Use almond or cashew milk any way you would use dairy milk, from drinking to cooking. Many people prefer the taste and nutritional profile of almond milk for day-to-day use. Cashew milk and cashew cream are especially great to cook with because they’re very creamy and they thicken beautifully and reliably when heated. Crazy or no, hope you’ll give nuts a try one day soon.


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