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Rhubarb + Strawberry Compote

London made us wait a hella long time for spring this year. So long, in fact, that someone coined the term “springter.” I didn’t really appreciate the excellence of “springter” until I said it out loud a few times in a row. Springter. Springter. Springter.  Sounds a lot like that whole circular-muscular-orifice situation, correct? Sounds like someone’s saying springter has been positively assy. I wonder why anyone would say that.

The good news about London is that the rhubarb here is forced — grown inside in carefully controlled conditions, locally, to boot — and it springs right up independent of the weather. Pun intended, since spring puns are all the spring I’ve got in this world. It’s actually the end of the rhubarb season here, not to gloat.  And the good news about strawberries is that they’re always in my freezer.

So. While we’re waiting for actual spring to settle in, and maybe while you’ve got an abundance of actual spring produce, I’ll be making this delicious and super-easy Rhubarb + Strawberry Compote. Next week I’ll share a suggestion for using it.


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