The green stuff is cilantro sauce. And though my main point here is that cilantro sauce is appropriate just about any time and place, drizzled over or guzzled from just about anything, the green stuff is also an anachronism.

That’s because the original home of cilantro sauce is atop black bean tacos, and I wrote about black bean tacos six months ago. Without cilantro sauce, for whatever reason.

But now, if you look closely at the tacos recipe, you’ll see a link to this post for cilantro sauce. As if it had been there all along. As if maybe you just didn’t notice it until now.

Ah, the magic of the the internet. Is it fact or is it fiction?

To be honest, it’s a little bit of both. Whadda you say we drizzle it with cilantro sauce and call it a day?

P.S. I know you’re all smarter than average. Obviously. But just in case you were one of the people who, let’s say, stepped out for a minute to look up the definition of anachronism and then came back, I just want to say this to you. Thanks for coming back. Your follow-through — your “sticktoitiveness,” as my dad would have said — will get you way further in this world than an A-minus vocabulary. Also, just so you know we’re all in this together: Last week, at age 35, I suddenly realized that when people say “let’s leave well enough alone,” it’s something already done well enough that they’re agreeing to leave alone. Because, you know, it’s already done well enough. Just like everyone’s been saying, out loud, for my whole life. Before that, I just thought people had all agreed to use a weird way of saying, “Let’s leave that alone.” So. See? We’re all in this together.

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