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Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp Recipe

Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp Recipe | Umami GirlHappy Friday, happy June, and a very happy rhubarb season to you. Is there anything better than the flavor combination of strawberries and rhubarb? Nothing I’d put in a recipe post, anyway. We woke up in Princeton this morning for our 20th — 20th! — college reunion, which will occupy every moment and corner of memory and ounce of social energy from now until Sunday. But earlier in the week I was smart enough to dig up this strawberry rhubarb crisp recipe from very early on in the Umami Girl archives and make it for dessert plus breakfasts. It’s pretty much this recipe’s 10th college reunion right now. Doesn’t it look great?

(Psst…maybe check out our other crisps and crumbles, too.) (more…)

The Aficionado Cocktail

The Aficionado Gin Vermouth Cocktail Recipe | Umami Girl

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I went to college in the land of F. Scott Fitzgerald, and my drinking sensibility starts there. A dirty martini with three big olives has always been one of my top three classic cocktails, and so a good dry vermouth has been in my life for as long as it’s been legally allowed. Cinzano has been making its Italian vermouth since 1757, and I’m 41 now, so let’s just say we’ve been friends for kind of a long time. And let’s just say that when I had the opportunity to create a new cocktail as part of Cinzano’s upcoming Respect the Drink project, I felt like I’d been training for this opportunity for half my life.  (more…)

Easy Potato Salad Recipe with Bacon and Herbs (and No Mayo)

This easy potato salad recipe with bacon and plenty of fresh herbs is super-flavorful. It holds up well on a buffet or at a BBQ/picnic since it’s mayo-free.

Easy Potato Salad Recipe with Bacon and Herbs No Mayo | Umami Girl

Potato salad makes me happy. That sounds basic, maybe. I don’t care. (Man, it’s good to be 41.)

My OG potato salad was a mayonnaisey number from Steck’s Delicatessen in Bridgewater, NJ. I’d sometimes go with my dad to buy a couple of pounds of it before family parties. At Gratzer parties we didn’t just throw a bunch of burgers and dogs onto the grill. You had to declare in advance, publicly, to a man with a note pad and pen, what you wanted. We had some big eaters in the family back then, so it wasn’t uncommon to hear an unabashed, “Two cheeseburgers and three hot dogs, with buns.” You had to declare your buns, too.

Still, everyone seemed to have room for potato salad. (more…)

Soft Shell Crab Sandwich + How to Cook Soft Shell Crabs

Soft Shell Crab Sandwich Recipe | Umami Girl

Soft shell crabs are my everything. They were the first-ever recipe on Umami Girl way back in in 2008. They were my diet food for a hot sec in 2015. This week they’ve been my tacos, my salad, my sandwich, and my parenting style. (Dinner as anatomy lesson? Why not.)

As for me, I’ve been the lady making awkward chit chat with the fish guy about how soft shell crabs are basically a cross between crabs and potato chips. Is it still called chit chat when you’re the only one talking?  (more…)

Charred Shishito Peppers Recipe: An Easy Appetizer

This quick and incredibly easy shishito peppers recipe is great to nibble on with drinks. Padrón peppers work perfectly too.

Shishito Peppers Recipe Padrón Peppers | Umami Girl

People always talk about how working for yourself results in both more work and more flexibility. Today I’m here to testify to both of those points at once by publishing four recipes. I feel good about the work part of this equation, but you could argue that four posts in one day is kind of an abuse of discretion on the flexibility front.

Guess what? I’m good with it, and my boss is, too. That’s right — ain’t no one here to nix my bad ideas. 🙂 That said, here’s hoping you still trust me to know a good idea when I see one, because this shishito peppers recipe is one of the best ideas the world has ever had. It’s so good, in fact, that it’s been had equally in Japan and in Spain, where the very similar Padrón peppers stand in for shishitos.

Psst…speaking of good ideas: try these guys dipped in spicy mayo. (more…)


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