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An Even Better Spicy Mayo Recipe for Sushi and Beyond

Best spicy mayo recipe. Spicy mayo for sushi and more.

It’s hard to beat the two-ingredient spicy mayo that you get in American sushi restaurants, but we like our slightly amped up even better spicy mayo recipe…even better. It’s great for sushi, sure. But it also makes a fabulous dip, sandwich spread, and salad dressing.  (more…)

Easy Yellow Cake Recipe with Chocolate Frosting

It’s Umami Girl’s 10th birthday, and we’re celebrating with this perfect, back-to-basics, easy yellow cake recipe with chocolate frosting. 

Easy Yellow Cake Recipe Chocolate Frosting | Umami GirlEasy Yellow Cake Recipe Chocolate Frosting | Umami Girl

You guys, I can hardly believe it, but Umami Girl is now 10 YEARS OLD. We’re two whole hands. Double digits. Borderline elderly by internet standards. It’s madness.

We’re celebrating this week, because as any kid will tell you, turning 10 is kind of a big deal. But we’re low-key celebrating, because I’m saving my big party hat for Umami Girl’s relaunch later this year. You can’t wear the big party hat all the time.  (more…)

Our New Favorite Striped Bass Recipe

Easy Striped Bass Recipe Oven | Umami GirlYou guys. Umami Girl turns 10 YEARS OLD tomorrow. There will be cake. And three cheers, at least. And — with any luck — a nap. But first, this. Our new favorite striped bass recipe. It’s special and super-delicious but totally fuss-free. And maybe best of all, it reminds me of Umami Girl’s early days and raison d’être.

I created this recipe in honor of some perfect fresh striped bass caught locally by our friend Jac, and now I’m hoping more of our friends will cook Jac’s fish this way, too. That’s not such a far cry from our earliest recipes, created to help members of the Catalpa Ridge Farm CSA use the fruits and veggies they’d picked up from our Hoboken, NJ garage that week. Yay for all that. I can’t quite decide whether it feels like ages ago or yesterday.  (more…)

Our Favorite Easy Orzo Recipe: A Versatile Side Dish

Favorite Easy Orzo Recipe Side Dish | Umami Girl

Here’s a versatile side dish whose leftovers transform into an excellent lunch. What more can you really ask for from the world? (Or from a diminutive box of pasta, anyway.) Our favorite easy orzo recipe is boiled in very well salted water and simply tossed with good butter, lemon juice, grated pecorino and plenty of freshly ground black pepper.

It works underneath or alongside a wide variety of meals, and we especially love it for soaking up dreamy sauces. Try it with our striped bass or roast chicken (minus the potatoes, though don’t let me stop ya really). (more…)

Farfalle with Sopressata and Ramps Recipe

Farfalle with Ramps Recipe | Umami Girl

Hi there from the tail end of ramps season. I woke up with a start earlier in the week vaguely remembering having written a piece for Serious Eats many years ago FROM THE PERSPECTIVE of ramps. Oh, the salad days of The Crisper Whisperer — pun fully intended — when all bets were off and you could talk like a vegetable. Anyhoo. That post also contained a pretty good recipe for farfalle with ramps and a pretty bad photo of the farfalle with ramps recipe. I’ve improved both and served the pasta for dinner last night, and now here’s me reminding you of it, too.



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