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Easy Appetizer Idea: White Bean Crostini with Tomato

Easy Appetizer Idea: White Bean Crostini with Tomato

Oh hi there, are you tired of our White Bean Dip yet? Not me, man. I’m in it to win it. Which is good, because here’s one more easy way to put it to good use: white bean crostini with tomato. I love having a few super-easy appetizer recipes like this in rotation. These guys are made from pantry ingredients, so if friends suddenly stay until wine o’clock or drop by unexpectedly on the way home from the beach, you’ll have something a little special to feed them without a lot of work.  (more…)

Epic Veggie Sandwich with White Bean Spread

Epic Veggie Sandwich with White Bean Spread | Umami GirlHoly sandwich cravings, my people. My fondness for sandwiches packed with veggies and a spread or sauce that really pulls its weight dates all the way back to a family trip to Block Island, Rhode Island during high school. In a move that I now recognize as classic Carolyn Cope, I’d recently gotten so fast at power walking that I had to choose between blowing out my shins and taking up running, so I took up running.

Epic Veggie Sandwich with White Bean Spread | Umami Girl

One day during our Block Island week I ran eight miles for the first time ever, and between that and being sixteen, I was HUNGRY afterward. At a little seaside sandwich shop I ordered a magical veggie-filled pita with a super-savory, garlicky white sauce, and I’ve never forgotten it.  (more…)

White Bean Dip with Pesto and Sun Dried Tomatoes

White Bean Dip with Pesto and Sun-dried Tomatoes | Umami GirlFor the life of me I can’t tell whether spring is a thing that exists anymore, but if so, it’s a great time for fuss-free entertaining! Here’s a nice, easy white bean dip for your next casual party. It’s high on flavor and low on hassle, and there’s a decent chance you can make it without a trip to the store. (Full disclosure: I went to the store, so.) White beans are way up there on the very short list of creamy good-for-you foods, and this dip is both satisfying and really pretty good for ya.  (more…)

Nicoise Deviled Eggs Recipe

Thank you Wild Selections® for sponsoring this post. For a more sustainable meal, be sure to check out Wild Selections® premium seafood — it’s always healthy, always Marine Stewardship Council certified, and always delicious! If you like, you can shop for this wild-caught, sustainable tuna right from the photo below. The modern world, am I right?

So. I’ve been on kind of a deviled egg bender recently. I think the month or so leading up to Easter put me in the mood. Though of course, tastefully(?) disheveled, inadvertent contrarian that I am, I neither made nor consumed any deviled eggs for actual Easter this year. Let’s just say I’ve since been making up for lost time as a sort of debt to society.

The thing is, it’s tough to get bored of deviled eggs unless you’re, shall we say, creatively challenged. There are so many fun and easy ways to make something extra-special from a simple, perfect hard-boiled egg.

Today we’re all about the Niçoise Deviled Egg, a super-savory, totally fabulous mashup of two classic dishes: deviled eggs and salade Niçoise. There are three perfect little umami-bombs packed into this recipe: olives, sun dried tomatoes, and tuna.  (more…)

Easy Ground Pork Tacos with Black Beans

Looking for a flavorful pork tacos recipe that doesn’t take all day? Look no further than these easy ground pork tacos with black beans.

Ground pork tacos recipe

This post is sponsored by Farm Promise. Thank you for supporting our partners.

“Ask me about my taco problem.” That’s what it says on the t-shirt at the very top of the laundry pile of t-shirts I wish I had. I’d have worn that shirt like five days a week these past two weeks if I had it. It’d be soft like a corn tortilla and would make me feel a little bit spicy and a little bit vulnerable, like I’m speaking my truth without trying too hard.  (more…)


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