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How to Make Savory Tart Dough for a Rustic Tart / Galette / Crostata

This savory tart dough makes a delicious bed for allllllll of the things, from asparagus + leek + ricotta + buratta to chard + corn + taleggio

Savory Tart with Asparagus Leeks Ricotta Burrata | Umami Girl

Savory Tart with Asparagus + Leeks + Ricotta + Burrata

Look, I’ve been a little gun-shy about the arrival of spring this year. That’s understandable, right? Our kids’ 8th grade trip to Washington D.C. got snowed out at the end of March, and April had a STRONG game in the resting bitch face department. But today is May 9, which is practically mid-May. And although there were gusts of frigid wind and some weird fog coming off the ocean way too late in the morning for such things, I’m gonna go ahead and call it. It’s spring, motherfuckers.

The proof is in the produce.  (more…)

Broccolini Cheddar Bacon Frittata (+ How to Jazz Up a Frittata in 30 Seconds)

Broccolini Bacon Cheddar Frittata | Umami Girl

Happy Monday, friends. Here’s some Monday food for you that brilliantly doubles as Saturday night or Sunday brunch food: a broccolini cheddar bacon frittata. Frittatas are so quick, easy and fridge-staple friendly that I’m often tempted to think of them as a workhorse meal for for last-minute family dinners when the day’s gotten away from me with work and kid activity shuttling and sure, maybe a little daydreaming and what have you.  (more…)

Cobb Salad Recipe with Ranch Dressing

Cobb Salad Recipe with Ranch Dressing | Umami Girl

You guys, I truly do not know why, but I’ve been totally obsessed with Cobb salad for like a year now. It’s kind of a funny thing to be obsessed with in 2018, right? Not modern, not trendy…I don’t know. This composed salad, now an American classic, was invented at The Brown Derby restaurant in California during Hollywood’s Golden Age. I don’t normally have much of a connection with any of those things, but for the past few weeks I’ve been practicing a couple of songs from old movies for an upcoming event — so I’m gonna embrace this whole situation as thematically appropriate and just roll with it I think.

None of that really matters, because Cobb salad is friggin delicious, happy-making food. Main dish salads are the best. All that good stuff right there in a big, wide bowl with nothing in the way, AND a sauce. Show me a really good, really big salad and I’ll show you what it means to be a professional enthusiast. (I want that sweater, BTW, but think of how many Cobb salads you can eat for that price.)  (more…)

Brown Butter White Bean Purée

Brown Butter White Bean Puree | Umami GirlWhy hello there from the caboose of the white bean train. (And thanks in advance for not abandoning this post after that intro, mmm’kay?) Last week was all about white beans (dip! epic sandwiches! crostini!), and you may have thought we’d leave well enough alone after the weekend. But here’s one more noteworthy recipe that you won’t want to miss: brown-butter white bean purée. It makes a warm, savory bed for everything from the reverse-sear pork chops pictured here to scallops to chicken to infinity and beyond. (Buzz Lightyear sold separately.) (more…)


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