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Mom’s (and, okay sure, King Arthur’s) Carrot Cake

Well, this is awkward. It’s my mom’s birthday today, and when I came here to my favorite food blog Umami Girl look up her favorite carrot cake recipe, I found it buried deep in my drafts box. Yeah, I thought I’d published this like two years ago. Damn.

So I just got back from the wedding of the decade (look out, William and Kate), and my sister and her HUSBAND, because she has a HUSBAND now, no big deal (!!) are coming over in a little while to celebrate mom’s birthday. Let me tell you, the wedding of the decade is a whole lot of celebrating, but it is apparently not enough celebrating for one weekend.

I’ve got to go grocery shopping now, and then I’m going to make this cake. And when I get to the store, I’m going to use this post as my shopping list. I think maybe you should take my lead on this one at some point soon, hint hint. One of these days I’ll post a few sneaky peeky wedding photos, because who doesn’t love that, and maybe my lady-of-honor toast. But today, it’s just a birthday, a carrot cake, and a quick fade to bliss.

Talk to you soon.





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