Complete Vegetarian Thanksgiving Meal Plan

Happy Thanksgiving, friends near and far. This year I’m trying something a little bit different. For anyone who wants soup-to-nuts guidance preparing a vegetarian Thanksgiving feast, I’ve created a schmantzy e-book to give you everything you need. It has a complete timeline, shopping list, 12 much-loved recipes to feed a crowd (of about 12 people with some leftovers), and a little bit of humor and moral support, because who doesn’t want that?

If you like, you can download Umami Girl's Complete Vegetarian Thanksgiving Guide right here and print it, keep it on your tablet, or whatever you like. With a timeline, shopping list, 12 trusted recipes and a little good-humored moral support to boot, it's got everything but the turkey. We used to charge for this resource, but we love you — and Thanksgiving — so much that now it's free. If you'd rather, you can use any or all of the recipes straight from this roundup. Whatever works best for you works best for us.

The Complete Vegetarian Thanksgiving Meal Plan: 12 Recipes

What else is in the guide?

If you want more support than just the recipe collection, go ahead and download the complete guide! You'll also get a detailed timeline that starts the weekend before Thanksgiving, two versions of a shopping list (depending on whether you want to make dessert or ask your guests to bring it), and two versions of a pretty printable menu in case you want to post it somewhere on the day of, for yourself or for guests.

Not gonna lie, there's also a little pep talk at the beginning, because friend, what's Thanksgiving anyway if not a time to show a little support for each other?

Alrighty then. Talk to you soon.